Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ivory Tower Project is now releasing their first music video: “My Name” from the CD: “RED HOT” – available on and

New York City – a place where so many people are jammed into a small area, yet so many feel alone. “My Name” is a song that lyrically illustrates this quandary: The struggle of life, the pain of being isolated and misunderstood. This song is also an anthem to rise above the challenges. It is a positive message of standing up for yourself and your beliefs. To always follow your dreams and to never give up!

My Name” is written by Johnny Jace and Mark Regula. Featuring: Mark Regula: Vocals, keyboards, synths. Tony Novarro: Guitars. Kevin Joyce: Bass. Sal DiAngelo: Drums. Video production: - Song ©2008 and Video ©2010 Guerrilla Records.

We are asking all Fans to take a look at the video, if you have an account with You Tube; to please add a text comment, and to share this video with family and friends. Thanks for your support!

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