Saturday, June 16, 2007

ITP Included on a New Compilation CD

Radio Gets Wild is an independent radio station based in the UK broadcasting around the world 24/7, playing all styles of music from Indie & Unsigned artists. Every year RGW makes assessments of the various Independent Artists musical submissions and awards outstanding artists on 3 levels: BronzeSilver – and Gold. In 2005, Radio Gets Wild awarded independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project with their Gold Artist Award.

In 2007, Radio Gets Wild has partnered with World Domination Records (also based in the UK) to present a series of Compilation CDs for the global music market showcasing this group of internationally awarded talent of various genres. This CD series entitled: “Around the World in 60 Minutes” which is now available on: iTunes, Sony Connect, e-Music, Real Rhapsody and Napster. The international CD distribution is slated for a mid-summer release in 2007.

Volume 1 of this compilation features tracks by: 2am Orchestra, Ivory Tower Project, Kamryn Tyler, Dorian Castle, A Little Space, Gaz Reynolds & many more!

Ivory Tower Project’s single: "Burning" from the EP: “Red Hot” was chosen for Volume 1 of this series of Compilation CDs. This brings the current count for ITP to be included on 6 compilation CDs in 4 countries (Australia, Germany, UK and USA). For more information regarding Ivory Tower Project’s compilation discography please visit the Discography page of their web site at:
For more information on distribution and digital downloads via the above named distributors, please visit RGW at:
Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project - NY- New Classic Rock