Monday, October 06, 2008

Guerrilla Records re-releases RED HOT

Ivory Tower Project now has a new release available on October 7, 2008. RED HOT has been re-released by the independent label as a 10 track album. The album includes the original 4 tracks that was on the original EP, but also includes an additional 5 tracks that have been recorded by the original band members. A special track will also be included of a solo recording of the group’s original drummer: Sal DiAngelo – who died a few months after the band’s first recording session. Also to be included is a candid radio interview with the group’s co-founder: Mark Regula. This release has been professionally mastered and duplicated with new front and back cover art and liner notes.

Available at: and – please visit the official ITP web site: and click on to the Store page for links to purchase the CD.